How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously to complete your order – Without ID.

We decided to provide you with a few links where you can easily buy bitcoins online, straightforwardly without a lot of verification formalities. They are secure and safe. Of course, you are not limited to these links, you can use any other at your convenience.


Link2: (Only for those in Canada)





Do you need to buy Bitcoin anonymously? Don’t want to provide your photo ID while buying it? In this tutorial, we will try to cover all these topics while answering all questions you may have. This guide is updated for 2023.

How to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously – NO ID

In this guide, we will try to cover some of the easiest methods to buy Bitcoin anonymously with cash such as Paxful or Bitcoin ATMs around your area. We will also cover some of the methods that are not fully anonymous but are still good enough because they ask for minimal identification.

Please keep in mind that if you want to be 100% bulletproof you will still need software like Tor.

Buying Bitcoins Anonymously in 4 ways

  1. Use Bitcoin ATM machines. This is one of the best and easiest ways to buy BTC. On these machines, you can buy bitcoins in cash and in person. You can use Google to find Bitcoin ATM machines in your area. Following the following steps while using the machines, might vary with respect to the machine but in most cases, these few easy steps will work.
  • Click “Buy Bitcoins”
  • Provide mobile number
  • Enter the received validation code
  • Scan fingerprint
  • Select coin (this type of machine may support not only Bitcoin but also Litecoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin, and XCurrency)
  • Choose to scan the wallet (pre-defined) or generate new
  • Scan wallet QR code if chosen
  • Insert cash bills
  • Click send
  • Get printed receipt

2. The best and one of the easiest ways to buy BTC Anonymous is through Paxful and Noones. On this site, you can buy bitcoins in cash and in person. You can use Noones to find somebody who is selling bitcoins for cash in your area.

3. Another way is through Bitcoin ATMs around your city. Please visit this site to find ATMs near your physical location. Please keep in mind that, while Bitcoins ATMs in most cases do not require ID they are limited in how much you can buy.

4. Last way to buy bitcoins anonymously is through Prepaid Credit Card you can acquire at any supermarket or convenience store. With this card, you can buy bitcoins without ID on sites like Noones.

How to buy Bitcoins without Verification – ID

In this section we will cover websites where you can buy bitcoins without providing your ID, however, some of those sites do not accept cash or in person.

  1. On BitQuick you can buy bitcoins via cash deposit. It works in a way that a seller and buyer agree to an amount the buyer wants, the seller then deposits Bitcoins into BitQuick Escrow, and once the buyer deposits the cash into the seller’s account, bitcoin is released. While you don’t need an ID for this method, you will still need a Mobile Phone number for verification purposes.
  2. Some other sites like these where you can buy bitcoins directly with other users are HodlHodl and Bisq.

How to use Bitcoins to Buy and Sell goods on the darknet / dark web anonymously

Since most of our clients use Bitcoin to buy goods in our Shop we will also show you how you can send and/or receive those previously purchased bitcoins. In order to send or receive bitcoins, you need a Bitcoin Wallet. In a nut-shell Bitcoin wallet is software where your bitcoins are stored. The easiest hosted Bitcoin wallet is Blockchain. If you again, want to be 100% bulletproof you can use self-hosted wallets that reside on your PC, like Electrum.

This tutorial brought you some of the tools and services needed to buy and use bitcoins anonymously.


How to make a bitcoin payment online

Buy Bitcoin with Credit & Debit Card Online

Buying bitcoins via credit and debit cards is one of the most popular and convenient ways to purchase Bitcoin. Buy bitcoin online

Here are some of the best exchanges we recommend that allow for purchasing Bitcoin with a credit card.

After reading about each exchange you’ll be able to decide which one is the best for you.

Then, once you’ve decided which exchange to use, look towards the bottom of this page for step-by-step guides on using each exchange.

How to buy bitcoins online with Coinbase


Coinbase (review) is one of the most reputable Bitcoin exchanges in the world. Since 2012, they’ve made it simple for anyone to get into cryptocurrency.

Just create an account, link your preferred payment method, and start purchasing. Please note that if you are based in the United States, most credit card purchases are disabled. Debit card purchases are still supported and are one of the most popular methods for Coinbase users in the United States.

For AML reasons, Coinbase (and nearly all other exchanges) require users to submit a picture of their ID and other information for verification purposes. This verification typically occurs quickly and almost always allows for same-day purchases. So we advise all our clients to perform this verification.

Fees and Limits

Coinbase’s credit and debit card purchasing fees are remarkably low compared to the competition at 3.99%. As far as limits go,  they are relatively low when using a card to pay compared to other exchanges.

All in all, Coinbase provides a fantastic starting point for beginners by having an easy-to-navigate interface, and a quick sign-up process.

How to Buy Bitcoin Online with Coinmama


Coinmama is also an excellent option for those wanting to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Navigate to the buy tab and enter a BTC or USD amount that you’d like to purchase! You’ll then be prompted for a withdrawal address.

One thing to note about Coinmama is that they do not provide you with a wallet for storing your purchased cryptocurrency. Instead, they ask you for a wallet to send the purchased currency to. So you are required to have one. If you don’t have one, just copy our Bitcoin address below and use: bc1qk0ugvl6gmups28ap6pgduqegvh4vk7rshh4cyg

This shouldn’t be an issue at all, as long as you have your own wallet. To learn more about Bitcoin wallets contact us

Coinmama has a great reputation in the crypto community as they have reliable customer support and have been around for a while. They are based in Israel and support several countries and nearly all US States.

Fees and Limits

Coinmama charges a fee of around 5% for credit and debit purchases. Although its fees are higher than Coinbase, they have instant delivery and higher purchasing limits.

Coinmama has high purchasing limits at a max of $5,000 daily, and $20,000 monthly. As far as minimum purchases go, Coinmama has a minimum of $60 USD.

Visit Coinmama

How to Buy bitcoin online with Bitpanda


Bitpanda separates itself from other exchanges by offering many different payment methods and cryptocurrencies. They only sell cryptocurrency to customers in Europe but have extremely competitive rates and fees.

Bitpanda’s user interface is pretty clean, making it easy for beginners to purchase currency on the site. Outside of credit cards, Bitpanda offers Sofort transfers, Neteller, Skrill, EPS, Giropay, SEPA transfers, and OBT.

Bitpanda requires an ID upon sign-up, making it not a great choice for those concerned with privacy.

Fees and Limits

Bitpanda charges 2.99% fees on purchases and 1.29% fees on sales. External payment providers will then charge between 1.5%-3.6% fees depending on the payment method.

Depending on your verification level, users will be able to purchase different amounts of cryptocurrency. Overall Bitpanda is a fantastic choice if you are based in Europe.

Bitcoin is one of the best ways to make payments online. Plus, there are tremendous amounts of privacy, low fees, and no counterparty risk like with a bank. Plus, transactions are cleared extremely quickly. There have been many changes and advancements in Bitcoin since this video has shown.

There have also been setbacks like the failure of MyBitcoin (mentioned in the video). For these reasons, we put together the Free Bitcoin Guide and keep it up to date with the latest and most useful information for using Bitcoin safely and securely. Another problem is what if you use the Internet from the location of your ghost address. Then any websites you visit, which may know your identities like a banking or credit card site, have a log of your IP address. The solution is to use a VPN. But what if the credit card identity is linked to the payment for the VPN? Then the solution is to use an anonymous payment mechanism for the VPN. Therefore, there is a good reason to never trust a VPN unless they accept bitcoins for payment. For this reason, we recommend Private Internet Access. This lets you search the Internet with greatly increased privacy.
Use your Bitcoin to buy cocaine online and get an extra gram.

Australia Post Now Lets Customers Pay for Bitcoin at Over 3,500 Outlets

In a collaborative effort between Australia Post and, customers will now be able to use the Post Billpay feature to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at over 3,500 post office shops across the country.

AusPost confirmed the news to CoinDesk via email on Friday.

The postal service will accept cash and card payments for digital currency purchases made via, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Cremorne, Victoria.

“This is a major milestone for digital currency in Australia and around the world. It proves that there are established businesses and organizations that want to learn about new technologies by doing, and not by blocking,” said the exchange’s CEO, Holger Arians.

Australia Post, formerly Postmaster’s General Department, is one of the country’s longest-running organizations, established as a private entity in 1809 with former convict Issac Nichols appointed as its first postmaster.

“Australia Post has for a long time played an important role in the community to make services accessible to all,” said Susan Nicholson, AusPost’s head of business and government financial services. “Post Billpay has been one of Australia’s most trusted bill payment methods for over 20 years, and we’re pleased to now provide the ability for bitcoin bills to be paid at a post office, which will come with a product enhancement that offers ID verification and real-time bill payment confirmation back to the biller.” Buy crack online

According to the Australian Taxation Office, between 500,000 and 1 million residents of the country already own crypto assets. said it hopes to increase that number via its new collaboration. Buy crack online

“Our mission is to make Bitcoin safe and easy for every Australian”, Arians added. “For many people, paying for bitcoin at an Australia Post office feels safer than transferring funds online – particularly for first-time buyers.”

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